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Thanks to the usage of special rubber compounds “King-Meiler” summer tyres guarantee optimal driving safety and comfortable handling. The special attributes of our products are:

  • Low roll resistance
  • Tread depth between 6 and 8 millimetres
  • Outstanding aquaplaning resistance

Thanks to motorsport experiences an excellent grip at low abrasion and best driving comfort even under sporty driving conditions


(Including snowflake symbol)
Our special compounds for winter tyres are adjusted to the changing conditions during the cold season, which has increased safety as a result. These deep profiles can grap the snow firmly. Tyres, which bear snowflake symbol in addition to the M+S symbol, show optimized driving characteristics under winterly road conditions.


(Tested for summer and winter conditions)
Our all-season tyres offer an excellent alternative to purchasing of different tyre equipment for different seasons. The profile of “King-Meiler AS-1”, developed and patented by Reifen Hinghaus, offers adequate performance with low exterior noise and sufficient grip, traction and lag under both summer and winter conditions.  Good to know: our “King-Meiler All-Season Tact AS-1” carry the M+S symbol as well as the snowflake symbol on their flanges.


(Unique patent for tyres’ coloured smoke)
Special demands require special solutions. Benefit from our conscientious research and development: customised instead of customised special tyres have not only been showing great promise in racing series, on grass, tarmac, and gravel but also in drifting (motorsport) The engineering of the tyres have brought great success.


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